[:en]Trauma surviving and hope – Story books for youth[:]

[:en]Society for Psychological Assistance is participating in an innovative project of developing story books for youth about surviving psychological trauma. Traumatized refugee youth, while in transit, have no access to low-threshold psychosocial support services. Reasons are lack of interpreters, lack of knowledge about refugees’ needs by helpers and short time of stay. A group of voluntary experts identified that an innovative practice of online psychoeducational story books about post-traumatic stress, that can be used independently by teenagers, would bridge this gap. The intervention is piloted in Croatia and will be used in other countries along the West Balkan refugee route, including Austria and Germany. Also, it can be used by helping professionals who work with refugee youth.


You can download free storybooks in English, German, Arabic, Kurdish-Sorani, Farsi-Dari and Kurdish Kurmancî from the following link: https://www.act-n-o-w.com/trauma-support/booklets/sleepless/

Society for Psychological Assistance offers supervision for helping professionals and trainings for formal and informal helpers on:
– how to use story books in professional settings
– working with youth in irregular migration,
– working with trauma,
– including interpreters in the trauma work process
– dealing with professional stress in a working with refugees and migrants[:]